Thursday, 12 October 2017

The overwhelming health benefits of matcha

You would be forgiven for having little knowledge of what matcha actually is, for those who are not aware it is a popular, delicious and super healthy Japanese green tea. Matcha is special because it is grown in very specific conditions, it is shade-grown for the last weeks before harvest to harness the chlorophyll content and only the tips of the leaves are picked and dried for premium quality and taste. Matcha is an incredibly rich superfood with a wonderfully diverse range of surprising health benefits. By understanding how truly beneficial matcha can be for you, you will start to understand why there is an ever-growing trend towards people consuming more and more green tea; so here are the overwhelming benefits that matcha has to offer. 

High in green tea catechins

Catechins are molecules that have undergone a great deal of scrutiny and research, and have been found to help counteract the effects of free radicals. As well as having anti-arthritic, anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory properties, it has also been linked to being effective in protecting against a number of diseases

Greater levels of concentration and focus

Within matcha also lies another wonderful amino acid, L-theanine. This is a natural way to boost your brain’s alpha waves which, in turn, increases the feel-good sensations in your brain and gives you that “Zen-like” feeling. For hundreds of years, Buddhists have used green tea as a way to better fuel and sustain their concentration levels through long hours of meditation and prayer.

An abundant source of antioxidants

If you’ve researched ways to boost your health, then it’s likely you’ve come across the benefits of increasing your uptake of natural antioxidants; such as those found in blueberries or avocados. In which case you will be happy to learn that matcha is the most densely packed source of antioxidants and contains 137 times more than it’s nearest alternative. Consuming matcha is the easiest way to access the benefits of more antioxidants which can help prevent diseases, give you healthier skin and boost your immune system.

Improved weight loss

Matcha itself contains almost zero calories but offers a fantastic source of long lasting natural energy. Which, in turn, means you can feel fuelled and energised for long periods of the day without the need to rely on sugary or caffinated alternatives. At the same time, matcha is unique in its ability to boost your metabolism, which can help burn more calories, improve sleep and maintain energy levels. These effects combined means you can workout for longer, rest better and burn off more calories, which is a tremendous natural weight loss solution. 

Access to chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the substance found in plant leaves that you are most likely to be familiar with from your science lessons at school. However what your teachers probably didn’t tell you at school is that chlorophyll can have some surprising health benefits when consumed with a healthy diet. These include opening your detoxification pathways, a healthier liver and more stable blood glucose levels; which I'm sure you'll agree is a great combo of benefits from a substance you thought only belonged in a science lab.

Upon reading this, it’s likely you’re keen to start experiencing some of the wonderful and powerful benefits that come with drinking matcha tea. You can buy this superfood online by checking out our website Detox Trading. Consuming a cup of this a day is an easy and tasty way to give your body the health kick it needs. Of course, this should be consumed alongside a healthy diet and exercise in order to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, and if you require any alternative health foods then check out the rest of our site for our full range.